Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is said to be a serious that can cause a serious impact on your life. It can result in attention deficit when you are not being able to concentrate with your mind wandering off.

ADHDYou can be hyperactive fidgeting, moving around and doing unnecessary things. Or you may suffer from impulsiveness doing things without really thinking them out.

It sounds really serious and sometime the effects can last for many years. But as it turns out, people of ADHD do have some benefits. The condition is responsible for opening up new opportunities in the patients which can give them some edge over other.

Today, we will find out both the pros and cons of ADHD. Let’s keep the good things for the last and dwell on the cons first.

Cons of ADHD

So, what is it about ADHD – and why wouldn’t you rather have it?

Impaired Development

The inability to focus on anything can damage the learning process of kids in school. Hyperactivity also can prevent children from concentrating on their studies.

Kids can make careless mistakes which end up affecting their grades. It also affects the overall growing up process and can cause impaired development.

Unsatisfactory Performance
Inadequate concentration can hamper anything from your results in school to your performance in workplace. People with ADHD may forget important details and information about their project which can cause career problems.

It can lead to bad organizational, managerial and administration capabilities.

Mental Disorders

Mental disorders like depression and anxiety can crop up as companions of ADHD. It can cause anxiety, mood swings and make difficult even when there are people to support you.

Hampers Personal Characteristics
ADHD can make people bad listeners and bad conversationalists as they can be having too many thoughts in their mind. It can impair auditory concentration making it difficult to follow lectures or dialogues.  It is also hard for them to remember conversations.

Now let’s check out the upside of ADHD.

Pros of ADHD

While you really wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from ADHD, it turns out that the disorder has a few positive sides as well. Some of the common positive symptoms those afflicted with the disorder include:

Energetic and Spontaneous
The excessive amount of energy in many ADHD patients can be used for better purposes. It can be channeled for excelling in sports, work and even at school.

That is also possible to convert the impulsiveness of the condition to spontaneity. This can help them break out of status quo and make then great artists.

Increased Perception
Most people are concerned with their priorities in life. They seldom look around and observe things like the working of the nature.

ADHD patients with short attention spans can perceive and spot the changes in their surroundings better than others. This can help them in life and also in work.

This phenomenon has also been backed up by studies.

Creative and Full of Ideas
ADHD may lead you to have constant thoughts and ideas. This assists in problem solving and coming up with innovative solutions.

You may see life from a different perspective under ADHD which may change your approach to tasks and situations. Some patients turn out to be inventive thinkers having a thoughtful eye.

People with ADHD are often creative and artistic. Even studies have confirmed the same about children and adults both.

Hyper Focused
ADHD is responsible for hampering your focus and letting your mind wander away. But it doesn’t appear to be the truth at all times!

It has been found that some people with ADHD turn hyper focused. They can submerge themselves in a task and completely forget the world around them.

Such people can concentrate on a given project until its completion without losing focus. This can help employees with ADHD in their work performance.

So is it Good or Bad?

The fact that ADHD is sometimes a temporary phenomenon and can be dealt with, with proper medical care makes this more manageable than many other diseases.

Overall, it has been seen that ADHD can benefit some people taking advantage of their impatience and flexibility. People with ADHD can be helped to recognize these traits and use it for their advantage.

If the environment is favorable, then the traits transform from disability to benefits giving a new meaning to life of ADHD patients.







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