Fast way for women to get in shape

Every woman’s dream is to become fit and maintain that curvy body of a guitar. But there is no secret that to attain this, one must indulge herself in fitness workouts, fast way for women to get in shape.

Apart from getting fit, it is considered to a healthy practice.

Have an aerobic target
This type of exercise includes cardiovascular exercises that will be of help in building muscles, adding strength and above all, bringing out that desired shape.

For instance, you can decide that you want to complete one hour of running without stopping. If you manage to accomplish the target, reward yourself so that you can be motivated.

Target doing 150 minutes cardio on a weekly basis
Doing cardio (exercise) is very important in getting yourself fit. Actually, it will make you live longer by making your heart and lungs strong, improve the circulation, and even the mood.

Always remember to begin with exercises of low intensity and in a short time of about 20 minutes. Once you get used to them, keep increasing the time, intensity and frequency so as to challenge your body a little further.

Very important to remember is before doing any aerobic activity, do some warming up.

Stick to a training once or twice a week
Do interval training, whereby you change from high intensity exercises of short bouts to moderate intensity exercises of long bouts, regularly. This helps in burning more calories and fats in the body. Fitness workouts is a must, among other things to get women fast in shape.

Minimize idling time during the day.

It has been proven that sitting around doing nothing triggers high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, or even high cholesterol. To evade all these complications, it’s better to engage yourself in activities all day long like jogging, walking, or running to get fit. If you cannot walk, stand as it also assists in burning calories.


Do flexibility and weight training
Cardiovascular exercises are not enough, as weight training is also important in building strength, muscles and mass. This can be done by lifting some weight to a certain limit and with different types of exercises. For instance, exercises to do here are strength training which are dedicated to bring out that desired body shape.

Target boosting strength at the lower and upper parts of the body.
These exercises do work on many body muscles. Some of the exercises to do so as to add strength to your lower body are calf raises, lunges, leg press, dead-lifts, hamstring curl, and squats.

As for the compound exercises to strengthen the upper body, they include: Power clean, bench press, push ups, dumbbell, and lat pull.

Eating a balanced diet
Even with all these exercises, it will be a waste of time if you do not eat a balanced diet. A balanced diet will maintain the activity level of the body. In body shaping, you need to take a lot of proteins which will provide the needed energy for doing workouts. Take plenty of fruits as they are generally foods that have a lower level of calories.

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