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The emotion aspects of our body can easily be ignored, but their effects on our health are phenomenal. As a matter of fact, happy person is a  healthy being. But life has different turns. It is very hard to live a straight life of happiness no matter how we try. It one point in our lives, being hurt is inevitable.

Forgiveness is Good for Your HealthBeing hurt especially by those close to us, those we love and trust the most is the highest level of betrayal in our lives. It leaves scars in our hurts that may take some time to heal, and their impact on our healthy can be devastating.


Have you ever felt bitter, betrayed or hurt? Letting go such feeling is not easy. In fact, they keep replaying in your head over and over. With each repetition, the feeling keeps you tormenting you even more. You curse whoever wronged you, and this feeling keeps on burning from the inside. It makes you feel so bad about yourself, and to some point, your self-esteem might be in jeopardy. Harboring such negative emotions have been proven to impact your healthy negatively.


This is the term forgives should always be close to your hurt. In this article, we will discuss what forgiveness is and why it is important to forgive by showing the benefits of doing so.
From a clinical viewpoint, forgiveness is the process of letting go one’s feelings of vengeance and resentment. It is a process of fostering love and compassion to those who wronged you. It is more like an emotion therapy that delivers you from this bitterness that never goes away.


After forgiving, you immediately start experiencing peace of mind and start healing emotion. There many health benefits that are associated with forgiving as healthy experts have proven. Here some of the main importance of forgiving.


Top 4 Ways Forgiveness is Good for Your Health


Quality of your life is improved
Your life will improve significantly by just forgiving those who afflicted pain in you. Your healthy improves greatly, and you are likely to lead a healthier life than ever before. According to Dr. Steven Standiford (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) holding onto negative feeling and emotions creates a chronic state of anxiety in the victim. The effect of this state is the production of excess cortisol and adrenaline, and this will deplete the production of natural killer cells. These cells are necessary for protecting you against cancer and other chronic diseases.

This is how bad it can be.
By forgiving, you stop this from happening. The threat of cancer and other chronic diseases is drastically reduced, and thus the quality of your life is drastically reduced. Several studies on cancer patients have demonstrated that going through forgiveness and let go all the bitterness have shown a high score of recovery compared to their counterparts.



You feel better about yourself
Self-appreciation is a fundamental element in your life. It is impossible to lead a good life if you are bitter about. How will have a funny chat with you friends? Can you even enjoy a movie? Can you enjoy watching soccer or laugh at a joke? The answer is not. You will always find yourself lamenting ad most of the by yourself. Loss of self-esteem will be inevitable in such conditions.

Negative emotions make you feel worthless especially if you were emotionally or physically abused. Every time you think of such old memories, the response from the body ranges from muscle tightening, high blood pressure and may also start to swell. The memories are also coupled with signs of anxiety and stress.
Forgiving helps to start feeling better about yourself. You start loving yourself. You stop lamenting and start viewing life from a positive angle. Leave your past behind and focus on the future. The impact of this positive life is lower stress, anxiety and other chronic diseases such as high blood pressure.

Improved immunity
While under stress and plenty of negative emotions, the level of adrenaline and cortisol produced is in extreme excess. The results of such excess production of these hormones are known for depleting the production of natural killer cells. These are cells that provide the body with immunity from diseases like cancer and other killer diseases. In case the condition persists, the victim will be left without any form of immunity, and they may find themselves fighting for their life even from the simple infections.
Through forgiving, the body will not produce these hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) in excess. The level of natural killer cells will be retained or even be boosted. As a matter of fact, studies conducted on HIV patients have shown that forgiveness improves immunity. According to various studies, Patients who truly go through the process of forgiveness have a higher percentage of CDF immune cells. Such authentic studies prove beyond reasonable doubt the importance of forgives on immunity.

Forgiveness improves the quality of sleep
The quality of sleep is crucial to your overall health. Your body needs a good rest now and then and the best time for this is by having a quality sleep. Being resentful and angry will always deny you to have a proper sleeping moment. Your mind will always be picturing what happened and mostly trying to contemplate how revenge can work. It will be very unfortunate that the sleeping hours will be reduced significantly. In worst cases, some people do not even get an hour of sleep the entire night. The thoughts keep repeating, and the feeling keeps intensifying thus making it impossible to sleep.
By forgiving and letting go the negative emotions, you clear the conscience and focus on the positive. You do away with stress and anxiety, and thus you can have a quality sleep. Quality sleep is all about sleeping for the recommended hours (7 to 9 hours of sleep per night). The health benefits of quality sleep are also monumental.


These are just a few of the health benefits of forgiveness. There other benefits including lower risk of substance abuse, lower heart rate, reduction in chronic pain, improved psychological well-being among many others. They are phenomenal and monumental. Medical and spiritual experts have proved that forgiveness is key to living a better life. Now you know that forgiveness is good for your health.

Keeping those bitter feeling to yourself will do nothing good but deteriorate your health. Add forgiveness in your life, and the benefits will be unbelievably remarkable.








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