High Blood Pressure

Most people love to eat the wrong foods, high in sugar and high in salt. That’s just how we as humans are because most all bad foods will generally taste great and there is just no getting around that. High blood pressure is a condition that affects quite a lot of people, worldwide and brings many deaths if not treated properly.

High blood pressure is a condition where there is force which will press against a person’s wall of their blood vessels, resulting in being too high and a lot of the times, this type of pressure can cause strokes, as well heart attacks.

When a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, they will have to watch what they eat, watch how stressors in life affect them, as well watching what types of activities they engage in. In a way, by having high blood pressure, it’s almost as if you’re constantly walking on eggshells because you have to monitor all that you do in your life from your daily activities to all that you eat.

Most people are on some type of medication for their high blood pressure, but did you know that there are foods which can fight high blood pressure? That’s right, and today, we are going to be discussing some of those amazing foods.

White Beans

This type of food work amazing in reducing a person’s high blood pressure. Did you know that a cup of white beans will provide thirteen percent of the calcium a person needs, thirty percent of the magnesium, as well twenty-four percent of the potassium that a person will need throughout the day? So, it’s essential that a person include the consumption of white beans in their daily diet and if you can’t eat them every single day, then attempt to at least eat a cup full of white beans at least two to three times each week.

There are so many people that absolutely do not know the importance of eating the right types of food for their conditions, whether it be high blood pressure or arthritis. There will always be foods that a person can consume to make their condition not so severe.

Plain Fat-Free Yogurt

This is another amazing food to consume if you are trying to lower your blood pressure.
Keep in mind that one cup of fat-free plain yogurt has forty-nine percent of the calcium that a person needs, as well has twelve percent of magnesium and eighteen percent of the potassium that a person needs on a daily basis in order to maintain proper health and the reduction of high blood pressure.

It would be recommended that a person eat at least one to two cups of this kind of yogurt each day. (not necessary this on the picture)

You must remember that whatever we place into our bodies, we will ultimately become that and it’s so important that we try to eat all the right types of foods. Not only does this type of yogurt help in the reduction of high blood pressure, but this kind of yogurt is fat-free, which will help if you’re trying to lose weight or help with the prevention of diabetes because being overweight and developing diabetes usually goes hand in hand. There are exceptions, absolutely, but for the most part, excessive weight gain is linked to the development of diabetes.


Who doesn’t love a great fruit to eat, right? Fruits play such an important role in our lives when it comes to great skin, vision, the reduction of high blood pressure, and so much more!
The list could go on and on, really! Did you know that just one kiwifruit will provide out two percent of the calcium that a person needs? It will also provide out seven percent of the magnesium and nine percent of the potassium that a person requires upon the daily basis. That is absolutely amazing and what would be recommended for you to do is eat at least one or two kiwifruits per day because not only does it help in the reduction of high blood pressure, but it also makes a person feel so much better in the mind and body because it’s a fruit, simple as that.
Fruit is great for a person, and we all need to eat more of it, whether it’s an apple, banana, or a kiwifruit!



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