Causes of premature aging and how to prevent them



premature agingAlthough aging is a stage, we as human can make ourselves age faster before our time, that is premature aging. The foods we eat and the lifestyle that we live these days can be very dangerous to our healthy and make our bodies to age faster.
There are several causes of aging, below are the ten top factors that cause aging.


Causes of premature aging.


1. Free radicals
These are molecules which are chemically unstable and are capable of attacking the body cells, and also destroying the DNA hence accelerating the aging process. These free radicals increase the chances of getting cancer. It is extremely difficult to avoid these molecules since they are found in the oxygen which we inhale.

We can limit ourselves from the exposure of these harmful molecules by completely avoiding things like weed, excess sun exposure and not taking cigarettes, as the experts have warned us against them.

Experts have also recommended that we buy the organic vegetables and fruits to minimize the chances of taking into our bodies chemicals which contain these harmful molecules. If we want to reduce the intake of these harmful chemicals, then it is advisable to purchase organic foodstuffs such as; bell peppers, apples, potatoes, peaches, spinach, strawberry and kale.

Fruits and vegetables have plenty of antioxidants which are believed to neutralize the free radicals, so it is good to take up to five servings every day.

2. Inflammation
It plays a major role in the creation of various diseases that causes aging such. Such diseases include heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer`s. When these diseases finally became chronic, they make a person to age faster. It happens when the healthy body cells and tissues are attacked by the immune system. Inflammation can be prevented by taking a balanced diet which contains; vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fatty fish.

It has been discovered that patients with heart disease and who eat a balanced diet have a lower rate of heart attack even if their cholesterol levels are high.

3. Glycation
It refers to having more sugar in the body, or the molecules which form as a result when sugar, protein and fats are mixed, and this promotes aging. The end products of glycation which are known as AGEs are believed to speed up the process of aging by promoting inflammation through the removal of free radicals. These molecules mostly form when adding sugar to the fried foods.

You can avoid ingesting this AGEs by reducing the amount of heat when you cook and limiting the consumption of foods which are sugary.

4. Stress
A lot of stress can make you to age twice compared to when you’re stress free. When the body is under pressure it releases stress hormones which makes the heart to beat faster hence rising the blood pressure. But there is a hormone known as cortisol which is produced to lessen those effects. It causes the insulin resistance and inflammation when the belly fat has accumulated.

Stress can be prevented by making sure that you have enough sleep during the night, at least 8 hours each night to reduce the production of stress hormones.

5. Aging and Weight
Our body weight can make us age faster or slower. Being underweight decreases natural fats in our bodies making the skin to sag and have appearance of wrinkles which in turn makes us to look older. An underweight face cannot be made to look younger by Botox since the natural fattiness filling the face will never be substituted with medical actions.
An underweight body can have a free wrinkle soft face by adding five or more pounds to it. We can look older when we have too much weight because our muscles will create poor muscle tones.
People who are overweight, when they age, they become less active which in most cases leads them to have chronic health troubles that accelerates their aging process.

6. Premature Aging and Attitude
Our mind plays a major role in our aging process, because our mind can help us to speed or lower the aging process. Many people who are happy obviously look younger. Your face will appear younger if at most times you hold hope have confidence and joy in all your list of priorities. Happier people will have longer lives with less health problems such as high blood pressure and heart diseases.
Wrinkles and fine lines can be formed permanently on the face if somebody who is always angry and has stress. Wrinkles can be formed on the face by muscle memory if it expresses unending sadness or it has angry emotions.

7. Sunbathing
Our aging process can be accelerated by taking long time basking in the sun. Our skin may be damaged from sunbathing, or when exposed to unprotected sun when working or playing hence causing someone to age faster. The damaged skin is known clinically as photo-aging, and they can lead to appearance of age spots on the face, leathery skin, freckling and fine wrinkles which only disappears when stretched. They can also bring skin cancer.

The skin can be prevented from damage by applying sunscreens, half an hour before going outdoors. It is good for both younger and people older to practice this.

8. Not exercising
Doing exercises helps our bodies to be physically fit by maintaining our health levels. Daily exercises make us physically active and it is recommended to anyone who wants to stay youthful and fit. Our muscles will become limp and weak if we don’t use them on a regular basis. So it is good to have exercises to avoid premature aging.

9. Inadequate sleep
Research has shown that lack of sleep accelerates human aging. Your body releases stress hormone known as cortisol when you don’t sleep enough. Cortisol hormone splits collagen, the protein which makes the skin to be more smooth and elastic. Sleep loss makes our bodies to have low production of human growth hormones with other things such as increased muscle accumulation which also strengthens our bones, but it also promotes the skin and helps it to repair.

10. Smoking, drinking and drug use
Harmful substances like smoking cigarettes, using addictive drugs and drinking alcoholic drinks introduces poisonous substances that add numbers of free radicals in the cells of our bodies, and this accelerates the aging process.
You can avoid these premature aging by simply taking a proper diet, and also when we stop taking all these poisonous substances.
It is good for everybody to understand how to prevent premature aging by taking the necessary precautions and knowing the difference between normal aging and premature aging. Live a healthy lifestyle by taking enough vitamins and nutrients in order to have a healthy youthful looking skin.
Word of advice;
The specific causes of aging are present in the universe which we can’t completely avoid but we can prevent some of them.




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