Is TLC Diet Safe? 




TLC Diet

Therapeutic Lifestyle Change diet

The TLC Diet (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change diet) was designed to help people lower their cholesterol levels in a healthy, safe way, without having to rely on tablets and teach people how to lead a healthy lifestyle that will aid their body and keep them fit and reduce their risk of heart disease.


Being told by a doctor that you have high cholesterol can be scary. It’s attributed with heart conditions and diseases, and strokes.

It’s also vital – you need a certain amount of cholesterol to survive. There are two different types – good and bad. Most people find their levels of bad cholesterol is the one that is higher than it should be.


But Is TLC Diet Safe? 

Yes. Unlike other diets (fad diets, for example), the TLC diet is designed to be sustainable and endorsed by the government as an acceptable way to reduce the levels of high, bad cholesterol in your body. It’s used to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and is supposed to be one that is very easy to continue on with even after you’ve got the results you want.
It isn’t a diet that you follow for a few weeks and then come back off. It’s designed to be a way of changing your life and helping you make the right choices when it comes to food.
You’re not starving your body of nutrients that you need, and just instead giving it the right ones. Fat, for example, gets a bad reputation, but there have been many studies into the good and bad types of fat in recent years.

The TLC Diet helps patients to cut out the bad, high cholesterol types of fats – such as saturated fats – and how to supplement with healthier foods that aid the body.


Doctors’ Orders 

Doctors have been recommending the TLC Diet to patients as a way of helping them reduce their bad cholesterol and have found that it is much more effective than just medicines alone. As their patients started to make healthier choices, and lost weight along the way, the medications they were prescribing became much more potent and performed better within the body. Patients got better results and were shown to be much healthier.



Decreasing the amount of unhealthy foods that you consume, getting in a little more exercise an cutting out that expensive nicotine addiction doesn’t spell bad or unsafe. They’re all changes that will help the body feel and perform better than if the problems are ignored.
Being diagnosed with high cholesterol can be a sign of worse conditions to come and the quicker that you act on the news, and start to change your life, the more change you have of undoing the damage done and protecting yourself. A few small changes for life could reduce risk of heart disease, failure, and strokes and have you feeling overall better.
The TLC Diet is designed to help people stay healthy and ensure they’re getting the right kind of foods they need, as well as making sure it’s reasonable to follow. There’s no increase costs, no hard steps to follow. Just willpower, sensible eating and a few work outs per week.



Is the TLC diet safe for all ages? 

The TLC diet or “Therapeutic Lifestyle Change” diet is a three part program that uses physical activity, weight management and diet to help reduce high blood cholesterol.


Have you ever looked at the definition of cholesterol? In the definition, it describes it as a waxy fat like substance. This substance is found in all parts of the body in the walls of cells – this includes everything from the liver and the nervous system to the heart. The body uses cholesterol in order to make bile acids, hormones, Vitamin D and a variety of other substances.


High cholesterol is no respecter of persons and can affect anyone of any age, race or ethnicity. It is the number one killer of both men and women in America. The higher your cholesterol is the more at risk you are for serious diseases and even premature death.

Before beginning the TLC diet as with any lifestyle change in your diet you should consult a physician. Sometimes drugs are needed to help reduce TLC Dietblood cholesterol but the TLC program should still be followed.


The bad news about high blood cholesterol is that anyone can get it but the good news is that everyone can take certain steps that lower their chances of getting it. The TLC diet is one of the main ways and is safe and actually encouraged for all ages from children to adults and for men and women.


The medical community has stated there are no health risks or serious side effects for the TLC eating pattern. The TLC diet is considered a heart healthy diet. This means the main emphasis for eating is heavy on fruits, veggies and whole grains. It is light on saturated fat and salt. This is still considered the best way to maintain cholesterol and blood pressure and prevent heart disease.


A few years ago study showed 36 adults following a typical American diet which is high in saturated fat and cholesterol and the other group following the TLC diet which maintains low amounts of cholesterol and saturated fats. After 32 days when the study ended those who participated in the TLC diet decreased their TLC by 11 percent. This study was published in the Journal of Lipid Research in 2003.


Although not as much research has been done on the TLC diet regarding diabetes the Journal of Atherosclerosis states that TLC significantly lowers the fasting insulin levels of participants with high cholesterol.

The best thing about the the TLC diet for all age groups is it promotes healthy eating.


Many people today have dietary restrictions from religious to personal beliefs. This diet can be structured to fit most needs from vegetarian to kosher to halal. You may also be able to create a low salt or a gluten free diet with the TLC diet. It is always a good idea to include a multi vitamin.


TLC is not just a diet but a lifestyle change for anyone wishing to help reduce high cholesterol they have now or to help prevent getting this disease in the future.







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