Types and Benefits of Meditation


Types and Benefits of Meditation

Types and Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a form of relaxations that is practiced by so many people all over the world. It is a way of releasing all the stress and relaxes your mind. Therefore we can say that meditation is a form of therapy.

Apart from eating right, exercising you can also incorporate meditation as your routine activity for a better living. Let’s view the types and benefits of meditations.

1. Transcendental meditation.
This is the type of meditation that is involved with enabling a person to experience the inner calmness ad release all the anxiety. The meditation is done when a person is sitting in lotus and you internally chanta the mantra. All that is required of you in this process is to completely remove your focus from the negativity causing you the anxiety.


2. Heart Rhythm mediation.
The meditation concentrates on the heart whereby the person focuses on their breathing and accepting all things around us. The individual meditating experiences the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of this type of meditation, hence you can handle stress and develop a happy spirit. It is also referred to as a downward meditation.

3. Kundalini.
This type of meditation is known as an upward meditation as it focuses on the rising streams of energy. It is related to both Hindu and Buddhist teachings whereby the individual is expected to concentrate on their breathing pace as it flows in the body and in return you can get a free and relaxing experience and feeling.

4. Guided Visualization.
Although this type of meditation has not been in existence for a long time, it is known to have a significant effect on healing stress, improving personal development and provides spiritual healing as well. This type of meditation is focused on our minds and whet we think about. Meaning that what your mind think is what it will become. Therefore It allows a person to release positive feelings and thoughts which enable you to relax in return.

5. Qi Gong.
Qi Gong is a type of meditation that is known to improve a person’s posture and breathe as well. Hence you can relax comfortably. This kind of meditation has been in existence for a long time and was first practiced in China. The meditation enables one to breathe well and allow good circulation of air in the body and in return you get energized.


6. Zazen.
This is a natural form of meditation as it entirely relies on the individual practicing it. All you have to is sit comfortably with your back positioned upright and ensure you are centered as well. Then breathe to release all the stress and relax your mind. Therefore this type of meditation is great for relaxing your mind.

7. Mindfulness.
This is another type of meditation which is known to focus on the mind. It is known to help a person get natural knowledge and have a connection with the reality. Therefore you give your mind the freedom to accept everything that comes to your mind and try to understand it as well. You have to sit down on a mat, close your eyes and cross your legs as well.

The back should be positioned straight and ensure you breathe in and out. It helps you release depression, anxiety, and stress as well.


What are the benefits of meditating?

• It enables one to relax and have a calm feeling
• One can get rid of any anxiety that is experienced in the body by allowing real thought in the head.
• It enables one to master right techniques of breathing hence allowing good circulation of air in the body.
• Meditation allows one to deal with the issues that are occurring in nature and their lives as well.
• It boosts one’s confidence hence you can have self-confidence and be able to handle your emotions.
• It improves a person’s overall health. This is because with a bright and active mind, healthy heart your body will be healthy as well.







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