What is CrossFit and is it Effective?

CrossFit is relatively new if you compare it to established fitness programs such as the P90X or Tae Bo. However, it has taken the world by storm and thousands upon thousands of people all over the world have taken up CrossFit to lose weight and get in shape.

Many people have benefitted greatly from CrossFit and have shed their excess pounds, boosted their stamina and built rock solid muscle just from this program alone.

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So what is CrossFit?

It is a type of training method that uses full body workouts to boost your metabolic rate and get your heart pumping. Deadlifts, box jumps, jump ropes, kettlebells, push-ups, squats, pull-ups and many other exercises are incorporated into a typical CrossFit routine.

The emphasis is on endurance and resistance training exercises. Speed is a core component of CrossFit. You are expected to complete all the exercises in the shortest possible time while maintaining good form. This is exhausting and no mean feat.

Is CrossFit Effective?

The CrossFit program is highly effective because it recruits several different muscle groups and pushes them all to their limits. Many types of training are not as varied or demanding.

For example, bodybuilding gives you huge muscles but your stamina is neglected and you need separate cardio sessions.

Cardio training such as running gets your stamina at an all time high, yet your upper body muscles are neglected.

CrossFit, however, works the muscles with the resistance training and also boosts your endurance because of the emphasis on speed. You will be killing two birds with one stone… and also feel like you’re killing yourself because CrossFit is challenging. It is not for wimps. You have to be determined and a certain level of hardcore to do it.

Ideally, you should find a certified CrossFit trainer to guide you in the initial stages. You must understand how to do the exercises with good form. You’ll need to learn how to do a dynamic warm-up, execute the various exercises effectively and also stretch and cool down. You will also need some guidance on structuring your own workouts, etc.

Many people from fire fighters to law enforcement officers use CrossFit to train themselves. It gets you into shape fast and almost guarantees results if you follow the plan.

The fitness industry generally looks upon CrossFit with some skepticism. They feel that CrossFit is too intense and will set you up for injury. They think that it’s dangerous and the people who do it are almost like a “masochistic cult” that is training in a way that goes against the grain.

CrossFit can cause injury if the person executing the moves does so in a haphazard manner. This can apply to any exercise if one does it improperly. Sometimes, a very small group of CrossFit fanatics may push themselves beyond their limits and develop a serious health problem known as Rhabdomyolysis.

This happens when the training is so merciless that muscle tissues breakdown and enter the blood stream and poison it. Always know your limits and if you have led a sedentary life for a long time, slowly ease yourself into CrossFit. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

If you wish to get in shape and you want a training program that uses both cardio and resistance training, CrossFit is your answer.

Here are some popular CrossFit exercises that we can do:

Box jumps
Jump rope
Rope climb
Jumping squats
Mountain climbers
Overhead kettlebell swings

   and many more

You can either do CrossFit in a class at a gym or in the privacy of your own home. There are pros and cons to each. At the gym, (after covid) you have peer support and motivation and there’s also an instructor to keep an eye on your technique and form.
At home, it’s convenient and you have privacy but you do not have guided instruction. So, you’ll have to decide for yourself what your preference is.

It really doesn’t matter where you decide to do CrossFit, as long as you stick with the program for at least 90 days so that your body has time to adapt and get stronger and healthier.
Within 90 days, the results will be so amazing that you will always look forward to your CrossFit workouts.




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