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It’s women’s nature to look beautiful and although people say that beauty comes from the inside, the way one presents herself from the outside plays a very big role when it comes to beauty, fitness and ones health.

One cannot become all that if she is out shape, unhealthy and unfit.


There is also a tendency that Women have and fears, that they will grow muscles and look manly but that is not true, all they need is the right balance diet and a proper work out routine to make them stay in shape and become fit.

If you are a woman and you have issues with weight, health and you always complain about your belly not going back to its normal shape especially after giving birth follow the below weekly workout plan and you will get results.


Workouts for Women:

Running – As much as people like to go gym for hardcore sessions it is highly advisable for them to take a run early in the morning, this will not only boost their body defense but also their health.

Running also helps to burn calories, reduces stress, boosts vitamin d levels, to challenge one self and also reduce the risk of disease. It is advisable to run at least twice a day early in the morning and in the evening.

Toe taps – This workout routine is best when it comes to stomach, hips exercises. One is supposed to lie back on your back with legs lifted up and knees bent above your hips and inhaling and exhaling as you lower your legs down toward the floor or mat and then back to its start position alternating your legs repeatedly 11 to 12 reps on each side for two sets repeatedly.

Squatting – This will help you to not only find fitness but also body balance, posture and controlling your movements. The areas trained mostly are bottoms and quads.

Workouts for WomenFor beginners it is highly recommended for them to start with 3 reps on both sides for four sets in order for them to get used with the movement patterns.


Other workouts for women includes doing yoga going to gym, swimming once in a while and many other.

There is no excuse not to stay fit for healthy women . . .






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